Welcome to the presentation of furniture restoration.

My name is Lluïsa Ijsselstein and I restore antique furniture. I successfully completed the Advanced Course in the Restoration and Conservation of Antique Furniture in Madrid at the Oeben Institute.

What is furniture restoration?

 Restoration and conservation are technical areas whose sole objective is to lengthen the life of a piece of furniture, respecting the materials used (wood, metal) and the historic-artistic significance.

What is restored in a piece of furniture?
Criteria established by international congresses on furniture restoration and conservation are followed in order to establish up to what point a piece of furniture should be restored.

What do I sell?

 From time to time, I acquire pieces of furniture to restore. Once finished, I put them up for sale to the general public.

Want to know more?

 For questions, comments or more information on restoration or furniture you can visit the forum, where amongst other things, you can suggest a theme to debate.






























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